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We provide secure, professional, reliable trust and escrow services for businesses in the travel industry.

We provide two different types of trust and escrow services:

  • Regulatory – for when you need to meet the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and ABTA 
  • Voluntary – for when you choose to protect customer monies via a trust or escrow account 

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Regulatory trust and escrows

Trust and escrow accounts for travel businesses

Trust and escrow accounts are one of the forms of financial protection you can use to comply with the various laws and regulations governing the travel sector. Trust accounts can be mandated or voluntary. Regulatory bodies, such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), can insist on trust or escrow accounts being in place, and having one in place is often a condition of your ATOL being granted. Trust and escrow accounts can also trigger in the event of a breach of any specific pre-notified clauses. Our trust and escrow services are divided into two categories: regulatory, where regulators and the legal framework set the terms, and voluntary, where the terms are set by the parties involved. Each can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

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